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Köprülü sektörü’nden bir dünya

Dünyadan uzakta, uzayın Köprülü sektörü denilen bir bölgesinde, terranlar tarafından kolonileştirilen Mar Sara dünyası kritik bir eşikteydi. Tüm yaşamı yutmayı kafasına koyan uzaylı zergler gezegeni istila etmiş ve Konfederasyon (Mar Sara ve diğer terran dünyalarını denetleyen hükümet) askeri personelini tahliye ederek, koloniyi sürü tarafından paramparça edilmeye terk etmişti. Mareşal Jim Raynor uzaylılarla savaşmak ve sivilleri kurtarmak için, hırslı ve etkileyici Arcturus Mengsk tarafından yönetilen Sons of Korhal adlı bir isyancı grupla güçlerini birleştirmişti. İsyancılar hayatları kurtarmış olsa da, gezegen zergler tarafından tüketilmiş, ardından protosslar (Khala olarak adlandırılan ortak bir psişik bağlantı ile birbirine bağlı olan gelişmiş bir uygarlık) tarafından yörüngesinden arındırılmıştı.

With Mar Sara fallen, the Sons of Korhal (including Raynor, Mengsk and Sarah Kerrigan, who had trained as a Ghost, a psionic hitwoman for the Confederate government) regrouped on the planet of Antiga Prime. Jim and Sarah bonded quickly; the straight-talking marshal and the telepathic assassin made an effective pair. When the zerg invaded Antiga Prime, Mengsk suggested that the Sons utilize Confederate psionic projection technology – psi-emitters – to broadcast signals that would goad the aliens into attacking the Confederacy. His tactic proved ruthlessly efficient.

Flush with success, the Sons besieged Tarsonis, the capital of the Confederacy, with psionically-directed zerg. Sarah and Jim expressed reservations about using the zerg as a weapon, but Mengsk was resolute. The concentration of zerg drew a protoss assault, and Mengsk dispatched Kerrigan with a small force to fend them off, enabling the Sons to sack the planet.

Unbeknownst to Sarah, she had assassinated Arcturus’s father while serving as a Ghost – and her decision to question orders made it clear that her usefulness had ended. As Tarsonis crumbled, Mengsk abandoned Kerrigan to the zerg.

Raynor and his crew left the Sons in disgust. Though they later stole Mengsk’s flagship, the Hyperion, Arcturus was unmoved. He reconvened the destroyed Confederate government as the Terran Dominion, and an old tyranny with a new face was born in the Koprulu sector.



Though Arcturus Mengsk had left Sarah Kerrigan for dead, the zerg were more pragmatic than he could have imagined. Intrigued by her psionic abilities, the zerg swarm brought Kerrigan to magma-covered Char, where she was slowly mutated by the zerg’s guiding intelligence, the Overmind, into the Queen of Blades, the first zerg-infested being to retain autonomous thought.

Kerrigan’s slumbering mind called desperately across space in search of aid – and Jim Raynor, still reeling from Tarsonis, led ex-Sons of Korhal (“Raynor’s Raiders”) to Char to find her.

Kerrigan’s call summoned more than just the Raiders; protoss forces, led by the Executor Tassadar, also converged on Char. Tassadar had fought to avoid purifying zerg-infested Mar Sara, but he’d been overruled by the Conclave, the protoss civilian government, who felt that containing the zerg was worth any loss of terran life.

Another group of protoss – under the command of Prelate Zeratul – was also summoned to Char by Kerrigan’s psionics. This sect of Dark Templar (protoss who forsook the Khala) had long been adversaries of their Khalai cousins – but, on Char, the protoss were united in their desire to destroy the zerg. Raynor’s Raiders attempted to free Kerrigan, but she emerged from her cocoon and scattered the protoss and terran invaders.

Stranded on Char, Tassadar and Raynor distracted the Queen of Blades while Zeratul slew the cerebrate Zasz, a controlling intelligence second only to the Overmind in its ability to direct the swarm. Their victory was short-lived – by killing Zasz with his psionic powers, Zeratul inadvertently allowed the zerg to learn the location of Aiur, home planet of the protoss.

The zerg surged to Aiur as one, seeking to perfect their race by consuming the protoss and integrating their genes into the swarm. Aiur was blanketed in alien spores, wings and teeth, and the Overmind embedded itself in the home world of the mightiest civilization in the sector.



On Aiur, the protoss Conclave had lost contact with Tassadar’s expedition force. They swiftly promoted the young templar Artanis to Executor in Tassadar’s place. Artanis and his allies (including Praetor Fenix, a life-long warrior) fought to drive the zerg back, but they were sorely challenged.

Tassadar managed to contact Aiur from his position on Char, and share vital information: if a cerebrate were killed, a large number of zerg would become disorganized and fractious. Aiur’s defenders attempted to slay an invading cerebrate, but failed, and the Conclave branded Tassadar a heretic when they learned that he had allied with Dark Templar on Char. Fenix and Artanis fought pitched battles at provinces throughout Aiur, but the protoss gained no ground, and Fenix was slain while attempting to repel zerg invaders at Antioch.

Protoss joined Tassadar on Char, but rather than inviting his forces to rejoin the war effort, they stripped the Executor of his rank and arrested him. Though commanded to return to Aiur for trial, Tassadar shared an observation with his fellow protoss: the void energies of the Dark Templar could permanently kill cerebrates. He convinced Artanis to rescue Zeratul, who had been penned in by Dominion forces on Char, and join forces with the Dark Templar so that they could strike at Aiur’s cerebrates together. Artanis led his Khalai protoss and Zeratul’s forces to Aiur, but the presence of the hated Dark Templar on the protoss homeworld led to riots and civil war.

Horrified, Tassadar sought to overthrow the Conclave for the sake of the battle against the zerg, but ultimately surrendered himself to their judgment rather than promote further bloodshed among his people. Though Tassadar was jailed, Jim Raynor and Fenix (who had been reconstituted in the shell of a war machine called a dragoon) sprung him, and Tassadar assaulted the Overmind. Drawing on Zeratul’s teachings, Tassadar channeled both Void energy and the Khala of the Aiur protoss into a suicide strike on the Overmind with his flagship, destroying it at the cost of his own life.



Though the zerg swarms fragmented with the death of the Overmind, they still covered Aiur. The embattled Aiur protoss retreated to shadow-covered Shakuras, home planet of the Dark Templar, and attempted to integrate their two societies – painfully. Matriarch Raszagal, spiritual leader of the Dark Templar on Shakuras, welcomed the nascent alliance to her planet, but offered them little comfort. The zerg had not only dominated Aiur; a brood allied with the cerebrate Daggoth had also invaded Shakuras.

Working together, the allied protoss tried to dispatch the zerg on Shakuras, but they were outnumbered. Their efforts invited truly unexpected support from – of all people – Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, who arrived at Raszagal’s citadel on Shakuras and vowed that she was free of the Overmind’s control. Kerrigan asked the protoss for aid slaying a new Overmind that had begun to grow on Char – in exchange, she offered to help them cleanse Shakuras of Daggoth’s brood by recovering a pair of khaydarin crystals, artifacts that would unlock the power stored within a temple dedicated to the Xel’naga – an ancient race that the protoss revered as creators.

Though Zeratul, Fenix and Artanis were apprehensive about the Queen of Blades, Raszagal vouched for Kerrigan’s plan, and the tenuous allies departed in search of the two crystals. The combined armies of protoss and Kerrigan’s zerg recovered a crystal from Dominion researchers, and the other from feral zerg broods surrounding the growing Overmind on Char. Yet, while they were away, the protoss Judicator Aldaris, who opposed protoss cooperation with both zerg and Dark Templar, became suspicious of Matriarch Raszagal, and led a legion of fellow protoss against her. The protoss vanguard smashed Aldaris’ revolt and took him captive…but, as he began to confess his suspicions about Raszagal, Kerrigan executed him.

The furious protoss expelled the Queen of Blades from their planet, and activated the khaydarin crystals in the heart of the Xel’Naga temple. The shockwave emitted by the temple swept throughout Shakuras, cleansing it entirely of zerg.



Human admirals Alexei Stukov and Gerard DuGalle of the United Earth Directorate arrived in the Koprulu sector with a mighty force. Their mission was appallingly direct: assert control over the terrans, and reunite divided humankind. Taking stock of the chaos in the sector, Stukov and DuGalle allied themselves with the remnants of the Confederacy (led by Samir Duran) and set about deposing Emperor Mengsk.

UED forces attempted to commandeer Dominion battlecruisers at the Dylarian Shipyards, where they bested Mengsk’s General, Edmund Duke. At Duran’s suggestion, they descended to the old capital of Tarsonis to recover a Psi Disrupter, a Confederate device that would disrupt the psionic signals of the zerg. Duran and DuGalle wanted the disrupter destroyed to prevent Mengsk from using it, but Stukov thought it would be valuable against the zerg, so he hid it.

Fresh from their accomplishment, the UED invaded Korhal, capital world of the Dominion. Before the domineering UED fleet could take Mengsk into custody, the battlecruiser Hyperion rescued the emperor. Jim Raynor (and the protoss accompanying him) saved Mengsk at Kerrigan’s behest, in the hopes that they could use his fleet against the UED, whose forces threatened the entire sector.

The UED caught up to the allies near Aiur, but a force of zerg swarmed them, and Stukov noticed that Samir Duran’s forces were conspicuously unavailable for defense. Suspicious, the admiral abandoned the fight. Without backup, the UED forces were savaged, and Raynor, Mengsk and the protoss escaped to Shakuras through Aiur’s warp gate.

Suspecting his comrade of treachery, DuGalle sent Duran to capture Stukov – but, when DuGalle arrived on the planet Braxis, he found the admiral dying near the psi-disrupter. According to Stukov, Duran was the true traitor – he had shot Stukov and set the disrupter to explode. Terrified that Duran was zerg-infested, DuGalle and his men salvaged the disrupter, and the remaining UED fleet changed targets to strike at the zerg.

Though the battle was hard-fought, the disrupter was a massive success – the UED sparked confusion among the zerg and sedated the new Overmind with drugs and psionics. Flush with victory, they claimed the Overmind for Earth.



After the siege of Char, Kerrigan struggled to recoup her losses. She contacted Jim Raynor and the protoss, suggesting that they work together to rescue the remainder of the Terran Dominion and retaliate against the United Earth Directorate. With the Overmind under Earth’s control, the allies reluctantly agreed that the UED was a bigger threat than Kerrigan.

Guided by Samir Duran, Kerrigan attempted to reunite the devastated zerg broods under her control. She “encouraged” Mengsk to provide a psi emitter, which helped attract enough zerg to her side to destroy the UED psi disrupter on Braxis. Kerrigan and her allies then attacked Korhal, with Raynor and Fenix sieging the fortifications and Kerrigan’s zerg swarming forth to kill the UED. Mengsk began to rebuild his empire on conquered Korhal – but, with her swarm renewed, Kerrigan viciously turned on her allies, killing Fenix and General Duke and forcing Raynor and Arcturus to flee.

Only one obstacle to Kerrigan’s dominance of the zerg remained. Arriving on Shakuras, Kerrigan took Raszagal hostage, and forced the Dark Templar to slay the UED-controlled Overmind while her zerg crushed the UED. Victorious, Zeratul demanded Raszagal’s return, but the matriarch refused – she had been controlled by Kerrigan from the moment the Queen set foot on Shakuras. Sorrowfully, Zeratul slew his matriarch rather than allowing her to remain a thrall of the Queen of Blades.

The tenuous allies that Kerrigan had deceived earlier – DuGalle, Mengsk and Artanis – staged a desperate assault on Char, but the Queen of Blades devastated each fleet in turn…and then allowed some of the survivors to flee. Living foes no longer troubled her. Mengsk and Artanis slunk away, while DuGalle, whose UED fleet had been completely destroyed, took his life in despair. Content in her control over the Swarm, Kerrigan cemented her position on Char – and grew ominously quiet.

Meanwhile, Zeratul discovered an abomination hidden on a dark planet – a zerg/protoss hybrid cultivated by Samir Duran. Duran hinted that he served greater powers than any the protoss knew, and predicted that the coming of the hybrids – which he had seeded throughout the Koprulu sector – would change the galaxy forever.



Four years after the end of the Brood War, Jim Raynor and the Raiders (among them idealistic Captain Matt Horner and gruff, inventive Chief Engineer Rory Swann), had become dedicated freedom fighters. Traveling between worlds on the Hyperion, they inspired revolution against Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, who had slowly reasserted control of Dominion space in the Koprulu sector through propaganda and fear.

Alone with his regrets – his inability to save Sarah Kerrigan from her infestation, his part in Mengsk’s rise to power, and the impossibility of overthrowing a galactic dictator – Jim found himself sharing a drink with his old friend, escaped convict Tychus Findlay, who suggested they recover a particular group of alien artifacts and sell them to eager buyers in the Moebius Foundation. Since Mengsk had criminalized transportation of the selfsame artifacts, Jim agreed.

As Tychus and Raynor uncovered an artifact on Mar Sara, the zerg, nearly unseen since the Brood War, began assailing the world, triggering a three-way race between the Dominion, the Raiders and the returned Queen of Blades to recover more artifacts. Kerrigan’s presence agitated Raynor and intrigued Tychus, who seemed particularly interested Jim and Sarah’s relationship.

When Captain Horner uncovered that the Dominion had a low-security supply train running on Tarsonis, the Raiders deployed Diamondback hover-tanks, outflanked the trains and made off with their cargo, including an ancient Confederate adjutant, a data-storage and communication-focused AI. The decrypted adjutant contained transmissions from the fall of Tarsonis – including evidence of Mengsk’s use of the zerg against terrans. Now, the Raiders had a weapon that could truly counter the dictator’s propaganda.

Raynor also retrieved a pair of artifacts on the planets of Monlyth and Xil, where they were guarded by the Tal’darim, violent protoss extremists unaffiliated with the Khalai or the Dark Templar. Though Raynor was increasingly interested in retrieving artifacts, he was also disconcerted by the reverence the Tal’darim displayed towards them – and the renewed presence of the zerg in terran space.

Wracking his brain to suss out the connection, Jim found a surprise visitor on board his ship – the Dark Templar prelate Zeratul.



Raynor and Zeratul had not seen in each other in years, but their reunion was hardly warm. The protoss greeted Jim with a warning of doom, delivered through an ihan crystal that contained his recent memories. The crystal was more than a record; it allowed Jim to relive Zeratul’s memories.

Following rumors of a prophecy involving the Xel’Naga, the ancient aliens that uplifted protoss and zerg in the distant past, Zeratul had arrived on the planet Ulaan – as had the Queen of Blades. The two battled, but Zeratul escaped with fragments of a tablet describing the prophecy in detail, and headed to the planet Zhakul to ask the preservers, a caste of historical archivists, to translate them.

On Zhakul, Zeratul encountered one of the frightful hybrids, a mature version of the abomination that he’d seen years ago under Duran’s care. The Dark Templar’s forces avoided the near-invincible hybrid and reached the preservers, whose interpretation of the prophecy revolved around a “Great Hungerer.” This led Zeratul to Aiur, where he sought answers from the corpse of the Overmind.

On Aiur, Zeratul’s attempts to commune with the Overmind brought him into contact with a being whose spirit was closely connected with the creature – his old ally, Tassadar, who had perished slaying it. Tassadar imparted a terrible truth: the Overmind had created the Queen of Blades to liberate the zerg. The Overmind foresaw a future where a being called the Fallen One used the zerg to destroy protoss and terran utterly, and so it had mutated a terran to try and exempt its species from a future of servitude. Shaken, Raynor realized that Kerrigan, murderous as she was, was the only hope of preventing the zerg from exterminating all life in the sector.

Meanwhile, the Raiders had hatched a plan to publicly discredit Mengsk – hijacking the Odin, a titanic siege mech planned to parade through the emperor’s square on Korhal. During the ultramech’s rampage, the Raiders were able to broadcast evidence of Mengsk’s corruption throughout the Dominion worlds.

Shock and outrage erupted in the Dominion; several worlds seceded. Mengsk’s rule was shaken.



As Jim turned his attention back to gathering artifacts, he received word that Tyrador, home of the Moebius Foundation, was under attack by the zerg. Not wanting to lose his buyers, Raynor arrived on the planet to evacuate Dr. Emil Narud and recover the Foundation’s data. The Queen of Blades herself commanded the attack, leading Narud to speculate that she feared the source of the artifacts: the ancient Xel’Naga.

Shortly after spiriting most of the Moebius scientists off-planet, Raynor found himself contacted by the head of the Foundation, Valerian Mengsk – Arcturus’s son. Valerian insisted that the Xel’Naga artifacts could be combined into a whole that, when activated, would restore humanity to the Queen of Blades. Though initially distrustful, Jim agreed to work with Valerian. He’d wanted to stop the zerg and allay his guilt over Sarah’s transformation; now he had a chance.

The Raiders retrieved the last artifact pieces from the dying planet Typhon and a mysterious Xel’Naga world-ship populated by Tal’darim zealots before initiating Valerian’s plan: an assault on Char, led by General Horace Warfield, to un-infest the Queen of Blades. Success in this endeavor wouldn’t just restore Kerrigan – it would prove, Valerian hoped, that he was a suitable successor to his father.

The battle for Char was brutal, with massive losses of life among the fleet, but, after establishing a base on the surface, Raynor installed the reassembled artifact near Kerrigan. The full fury of the hive world descended on the terrans, but the artifact pulsed with energy, dispersing the zerg and melting away Kerrigan’s zerg-like features. As the Queen of Blades lay stunned, Raynor ran to recover her…

…and Tychus followed the orders that freed him from jail in the first place – Mengsk’s orders – leveling his gun and attempting to slay the de-infested Queen of Blades. Stunned, Raynor made the split-second decision to shoot his friend before Tychus could take Sarah’s life.

With her humanity seemingly restored, and the swarm fracturing behind them, Raynor helped a weary, amnesiac Sarah off of Char. Had the Second Great War been brought to an end?



After aiding in Sarah Kerrigan’s de-infestation, Prince Valerian Mengsk contained the former Queen of Blades in a secret Umojan research facility. Here, Valerian subjected her to myriad tests—hoping to determine whether she still posed a threat to the Koprulu sector—until the day Jim Raynor arrived.

Jim encouraged Sarah to leave with him and start a new life, but she knew there’d be no peace with Arcturus Mengsk still in control of the Dominion. During her final test, Kerrigan overwhelmed the facility’s security measures by taking control of its captive zerg specimens, forcing Valerian to concede that containing her was impossible.

Before Raynor and Kerrigan could leave, the Dominion staged an attack on the facility to eliminate Sarah. The battle separated Sarah from Jim, but they planned to rendezvous on the planet Phaeton.

Jim never made it to Phaeton. In a UNN broadcast, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk declared the infamous “terrorist” captured and executed. Enraged, Sarah set course for zerg space, where she rallied the Swarm to exact vengeance upon Mengsk. She commandeered a Leviathan—a massive spacefaring beast—to serve as her center of operations, and reunited with her former advisor and memory keeper, a creature known as Izsha; and Abathur, the zerg evolution master created by the Overmind.

While seeking her brood on Char, Kerrigan encountered Dominion general Horace Warfield and his forces in control of the planet. To levy the Swarm to her side, Sarah challenged the Broodmother Zagara. Violent and utterly dominant over Char’s swarm, Zagara rejected the idea of a soft, weak terran ruling the zerg—until she was defeated by one.

With Zagara and her brood integrated into the Swarm, Kerrigan unleashed the zerg upon the occupying terrans, cleaving a swath of destruction through troops and defensive emplacements and mortally wounding Warfield. The general implored Kerrigan to spare his fleeing soldiers—but she ended his life instantly when he implied that Raynor would be horrified by her actions. As her rage subsided, Kerrigan commanded her forces to pull back, allowing Warfield’s beleaguered troops to escape.

As Kerrigan traveled, her old adversary Zeratul confronted her aboard the Leviathan; not to fight, but to show her a vision of planet Zerus, birthplace of the zerg. He told Kerrigan of the primal zerg—the original zerg—who didn’t share the Swarm’s hive mind. The primals evolved by consuming the essence of their prey, and Zeratul urged Sarah to travel to Zerus and do the same—if only for the sake of her vengeance.

Heeding Zeratul’s advice, she prepared to travel to Zerus.



Kerrigan and her Swarm descended on the lush jungles of Zerus to claim the birthright of the zerg. There, she sensed a slumbering consciousness: Zurvan, the Ancient One, a primal zerg who witnessed the creation of the Overmind—and the key to the power of Zerus. Kerrigan sought to rouse Zurvan, but Brakk, a primal zerg pack leader, engaged her forces in an attempt to stop her. Kerrigan proved to be stronger—she slew Brakk and awakened the Ancient One. Impressed by Kerrigan’s strength, Dehaka, another pack leader, joined her Swarm.

Zurvan led Kerrigan to the first spawning pool, the site where the zerg were originally born. There she chose to willingly sacrifice her humanity and become a primal herself. While Kerrigan mutated within her chrysalis, Zagara fended off both the remnants of Brakk’s forces and the minions of Yagdra, another primal pack leader hell-bent on destroying the invader. Kerrigan emerged as the primal Queen of Blades, and, at Zurvan’s urging, absorbed the essence of Zerus’ most prominent pack leaders: Yagdra, Kraith, and Slivan. Shortly afterwards, Zurvan showed his true colors: seeking to feed his own evolution, he attacked the Queen of Blades. Kerrigan proved her supremacy in a vicious battle, and then claimed the Ancient One’s essence and power for her own.

Arcturus Mengsk contacted Kerrigan and revealed that Jim Raynor was still alive and in his custody—and then threatened to kill Raynor if she didn’t steer clear of Korhal, the Dominion’s capital world. Kerrigan set course to Dominion space and called on Raynor’s allies, Valerian Mengsk and Matt Horner, to help locate Jim. They discovered that he was being held in the Moros, a maximum-security prison ship that jumped every hour to a random set of coordinates.

While the Moros resupplied, the Queen of Blades infiltrated the ship and slaughtered its defenders. Emperor Mengsk, ready for such an event, activated the vessel’s self-destruct sequence. Kerrigan rushed to Raynor’s cell, but Jim’s surprise at being rescued turned to anger when he saw that she had become the Queen of Blades once again. Kerrigan professed her love for him, but Raynor turned his back on her, furious.

Back in the Leviathan, Kerrigan received a psionic message from Alexei Stukov, who, after his untimely demise, had been resurrected and infested by the zerg. He informed Kerrigan that he’d been a test subject in Skygeirr Station—a facility that produced zerg-protoss hybrids for the Dominion. Kerrigan decided to help Stukov destroy Skygeirr, using virophages to turn its garrisons into an endless supply of infested terrans. When Stukov and Kerrigan breached the facility, Dr. Emil Narud—an ancient shapeshifter masquerading as a terran—sent the facility’s hybrids to stop them. After defeating the Hybrids, Kerrigan saw into Narud’s mind and learned of his plans to resurrect Amon, a fallen xel’naga worshipped as a dead god.

Narud and Kerrigan clashed amidst massive bolts of psionic energy, but Narud gained the upper hand when he assumed Kerrigan’s human form to mock and distract her. Capitalizing on her hesitation, the shapeshifter ran her through with an energy blade. Though critically injured, Sarah harnessed all her pain and rage to strike Narud down. Exhausted, Kerrigan collapsed beside the lifeless image of a ghost from her past.



Kerrigan awoke immersed in a primordial ooze, healing under the watchful gazes of Zagara and Izsha. After recovering from her wounds, Kerrigan prepared to assault Korhal, the Dominion capital. She moved quickly upon planetfall, setting up her bile launchers and shattering the gates of Augustgrad. As the battered Dominion forces retreated, Arcturus activated the Psi Destroyer, a powerful weapon that attacked the zerg through their own hive mind.

Aware that the Psi Destroyer’s field would annihilate her Swarm, Kerrigan sent Dehaka—whose pack of primal zerg were not part of the hive mind—to deal with the machine’s power links. Once the field was neutralized, Kerrigan’s forces obliterated the Dominion weapon and cleared the way to the imperial district of Augustgrad. But the evacuation was far from complete, and Valerian requested she avoid the city’s population centers. Kerrigan was reluctant to divert her assault, but when Valerian pointed out a death toll in the millions, she chose to have the zerg strive to avoid casualties. Hearing this, Raynor—still sullen over Sarah’s transformation—began to wonder if the Queen of Blades might no longer be the monster he remembered.

Mengsk’s forces engaged Kerrigan upon her arrival. As the battle reached its peak, Izsha reported an inbound terran battlecruiser. The Queen of Blades recognized the Hyperion and realized that Jim had returned to help her finish the job. She resumed her assault with renewed vigor, focusing on the entrenched positions that kept her zerg at bay. As the Dominion’s aegis crumbled, Stukov, Zagara, Dehaka, and their forces joined the fray. The defenders of the imperial district were slaughtered by the unrelenting might of the Swarm. After splitting open the gates of Mengsk’s palace, Kerrigan made her way to the throne room, where she found the emperor calmly awaiting her.

Kerrigan moved in for the kill, but Mengsk still had an ace up his sleeve: the xel’naga artifact that de-infested Kerrigan on Char. The artifact emerged from a secret panel in the floor, discharging powerful bolts of energy that rendered Kerrigan helpless. Mengsk loomed over the paralyzed Queen of Blades, poised to end her existence—until Raynor burst into the room and destroyed the artifact’s control device, leaving Mengsk’s fate in Kerrigan’s clawed hands.

Kerrigan ended Mengsk’s reign once and for all with a psionically-induced explosion that destroyed the palace. With Arcturus finally dead and her thirst for vengeance quenched, Sarah shared a bittersweet farewell with Jim before rejoining her Swarm. Reborn as the primal Queen of Blades, she could ill afford to linger in terran space. Leaving everything behind, Sarah Kerrigan led the Swarm into the farthest reaches of the Koprulu sector to prepare for the impending battle against Amon.

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