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Void Elf
Temel Bilgiler
Common (ikincil)
Başlangıç bölgesi
Telogrus Rift
Alleria Windrunner
Magister Umbric
Telogrus Rift
Irksal binek
Starcursed Voidstrider
Void Elf Irksal Yetenekleri

Uzayda bir geçit açar, sizi hedeflenen konuma ışınlar.

Alınan Shadow hasarları %1 düşürür.

Yeteneklerinizin sizi Void özüyle güçlendirme şansı bulunur.

Void Storage ve Transmogrification masraflarını %50 düşürür.

Büyü castleriniz, hasar alındığında gecikmeye uğramaz.

Kullanılabilir Sınıflar
Void Elfler Hakkında

Void ile uğraştıklarından dolayı Silvermoon’dan sürgün edilen Void Elfler, şimdi, Argus’ta Void üzerine hakimiyet kazanan Alleria Windrunner’ı takip etmektedir. Void formuna metamorfozlanma yeteneğine sahiptirler.

Void Elflerin Tarihi

Many have sought to harness the corruptive magic of the Void. Most who tried have fallen into madness. Determined to use this power for the good of Azeroth, Alleria Windrunner is the first mortal to succeed at defying the shadow’s whispers. Coming to the aid of a group of her kin who nearly gave in to the darkness, Alleria has vowed to train these Void Elves to control the shadows within them and pledge their newfound powers to the Alliance.

Başlangıç Bölgesi
Telogrus Rift

Telogrus was destroyed long ago by a being full of hatred, slaying great Void creatures in the process. Only fragments of the world remained, still seeped in void energies and suspended in space.

The first Azerothian to discover the existence of Telogrus Rift was the high elf necromancer Dar’Khan Drathir through his studies of the void, believing the rift held an ancient object of unspeakable might. Despite his extensive research, however, Drathir was never able to access the shattered world. It was not until the end of the Argus Campaign that a group of blood elf exiles from Silvermoon City led by Magister Umbric once again investigated the possibility of reaching Telogrus.

Umbric and his followers, having been banished from Quel’Thalas for their experiments with the void, built upon the work done by Dar’Khan Drathir and succeeded in reaching Telogrus Rift, entering the world in search of the powerful item that eluded Drathir in the hope of using it to finally harness the powers of the void. There, joined by the legendary Alleria Windrunner and her ally, the elves began trying to open an unspeakably ancient and mysterious cube they discovered in the area. Doing so, however, opened the way for Nether-Prince Durzaan, who overwhelmed those gathered and began a ritual to transform many of them into servants of the void.

Led by Alleria Windrunner, a group of the mortals managed to defeat Durzaan and his forces, including the void monstrosity Nhr’ghesh, and free Umbric and the other elves. Though Durzaan’s ritual was not completed, the process had permanently changed Umbric’s blood elves, turning them into the some of the first void elves. In the aftermath of these events, the new void elves decided to make Telogrus Rift their new base of operations, as they pledged their loyalty to the Alliance. Alleria also remained on Telogrus to continue to instruct her new kin in utilizing and controlling their new powers.

Many void elves, as well as individuals from Azeroth, conduct research and studies in Telogrus Rift, with a focus on better understanding and harnessing the powers of the void.


The crown jewel of the blood elves is their capital of Silvermoon City (aka Silvermoon), nestled in the Eversong Woods in their ancestral lands of Quel’Thalas. At the northernmost tip of the Eastern Kingdoms the beauty of the spires and thoroughfares of Silvermoon stand in stark contrast to the Dead Scar, the tainted path that Arthas tore through the city in his quest for power. Though nearly destroyed by Arthas’ attack on the Sunwell, Silvermoon is once again a thriving city. Most recently, the rebirth of the Sunwell has lifted spirits among the elves, and they have continued to heal Silvermoon’s scars in the hopes of returning their beloved capital to its former glory, the western half of it still being in ruins since the Third War.

The breathtaking capital city of the blood elves may rival the dwarven capital of Ironforge as the world’s oldest, still standing, capital. As it stands, what remains of Silvermoon City is still bigger than current Horde cities.

Alleria Windrunner ve Umbric

Alleria Windrunner was a ranger-captain of Silvermoon who led her rangers under the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. She was also the head scout of the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. Alleria and her lover Turalyon disappeared after the planet was torn apart and have not been heard from for many years.

Turalyon and Alleria are now high-ranking members of the Army of the Light and have been so for a thousand years from their perspective, as time passes differently inside the Twisting Nether.

Irksal Binek

Those that follow the void tend to prefer the companionship of a steed without form or substance.

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